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Saturday, 1 August 2020

The man -Nuhu Gidado

Engineer Nuhu Gidado, born on the 5th of October, 1958 is one of the children of the recently late Waziri of Jama'are in Bauchi State. Coming through from humble and yet royal beginnings, Engr. Gidado has had his career finely sculptured by the best of institutions, especially, the famous and prestigious Barewa College Zaria where he obtained his o-level and the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria where he bagged his first degree in Building Engineering.

Having enjoyed government scholarship all through his early education, it was natural for him to have started his working career as a civil servant with the Bauchi State Government from 1983 to 1992 where he progressively rose through the ranks from Building Engineer II up to an acting Director. During those ten years of service with his state government, records have shown that, Engineer Gidado's exemplary and starling qualities did not go unnoticed as he was extraordinarily;
*Commended for selfless service in 1985,
*Given an Accelerated promotion in 1987,
*Earned another commendation for dedication to duty in 1987,
*Given another Accelerated promotion in 1988,

*Yet again, Commended for dedication & devotion to duty which was rewarded with an Enhanced promotion 1988,
*And finally, Engr. Gidado wrapped it up by being commended for discipline, diligence & responsibility in 1990.
By the end of 1992, Engr, Nuhu Gidado transferred his services to the Federal Government where he was absorbed as an Engineer and a Projects Coordinator for the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (N.D.I.C). There also, Engr. Gidado did not fail to mirror his feats in the state civil service with excellence and merit. His acumen, dedication and organisational skills and initiatives were highly commended and rewarded with promotions. To his credit is such aesthetic engineering edifices like the NDIC headquarters building in the heart of Abuja.

Engineer Gidado voluntarily retired from public service and went into the private sector as a professional builder. He is currently, a Director in various, but mainly, Construction and Engineering companies including: Brixman Contruction Limited, Buildings Limited, Geas Services Limited, Metroline Limited.
Professionally, Engr. Gidado is a Corporate Member of the Nigerian Institute of Building (N.I.O.B) and a Registered Member, Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria (CORBON). To his credit, Engr. Gidado is a startling revelation of honours and meritorious awards, amongst which are: Chairman, Nigerian Institute of Building (N.I.O.B), Bauchi State Chapter (1989) Member/Distinguished Service Merit Award for Excellence by the Institute of Corporate Executives of Nigeria (2003) Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation (2007) Award for Excellence by the National Union of Bauchi State Students (2009) Community Peace Award by the National Peace Summit Group (2010) And lately, Life Patron, Leadership Trust Foundation (2012) Fellow/Member Board of Trustees by the Certified Institute of Management, Nigeria (2012) Honourary Doctorate Degree in Business Management by the All Saints University of America (ASUA) - 2012.

Mallam Nuhu Gidado was appointed and, proudly, holds the prestigious Traditional titles of the SARDAUNA of JAMA'ARE, in Bauchi State and OLOTU Aare of Laje Land in Ondo State. Like his traditional name sake, the late Premier of the erstwhile Northern Region of Nigeria and particularly, his self acknowledged ROLE MODEL, the late renowned nationalist, Dr. Ibrahim Tahir, both of blessed memory, Engr. Gidado and the Sardauna of Jama'are is an embodiment of altruism. He lives a modest and low profiled life style, one that is devoid of riches and flamboyance. He sacrifices everything for the less privileged. Engr. Gidado is, undoubtedly, identified as a silent but gallant fighter, a leader of a movement that is out to institute social justice, re-empowerment of his people, a beacon of hope for the hopeless, a shining light for the masses and finally, a true player in the fight for a new Nigeria. By way of corporate/social responsibility and indeed, back to his beginnings of humility, service and philanthropy, Engr. Gidado has helped several but needy pupils and students with sponsorships in education which, today, has galvanised into the formal establishment of an N.G.O (the NUHU GIDADO ORGANISATION) that carries on with such social assistances.

Such selfless traits of Engr. Gidado and especially, his service to humanity had always brought him closer to his roots and grass roots. The people of his home state, Bauchi, having discovered his very compassionate nature and his philanthropy, his rarely enigmatic and yes, very magnetic personae, he was quick to be nicknamed "Zuciyar Talakawa" in hausa, meaning, the "heart of the masses" and, surely, they call on him at all times. His home was eventually run like a charity organisation where all thronged to seek succour. It was not by shear coincidence therefore, when in 2011 election year, Engr Nuhu Gidado heeded to the calls of his followership and decided to plunge into partisan politics and to contest for Governorship of his State under the CPC. An endeavour that, gallantly, ended in the supreme court as a fait accompli.

Engr. Nuhu Gidado is happily married with children


  1. If the good people of Bauchi state let a man with such sterling qualities as displayed his records slip away come 2015, then they are as good as doomed for life walai

    1. That will not happen insha Allah cos that will be worst than a catastrophe!

    2. Glad to inform you that though he lost out in the primaries, Nuhu Gidado is now deputyto the Bauchi State Govenor elect